Chris Horner's Corner

After a pro career spanning 20 years and numerous victories—the biggest achievement of his career coming in 2013 at La Vuelta a España at the age of 41—Chris Horner’s days of racing are for the most part behind him. However, he remains part of the cycling world as a commentator for NBC Sports. Chris enjoys going on rides with clients and teaching them how to ride faster and smarter. He’s also bringing his many years of experience in racing to Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube so he can share some unique stories and helpful tips to a large audience of both up and coming amateur riders and recreational riders alike. Check it out!

Ride with Chris

Riding with Chris Horner on a cycling training camp in France

We plan to offer training camps again as soon as it’s safe to do so, both domestically and internationally—like our French Alps camp in 2019 where we climbed the iconic L’Alpe d’Huez. In the meantime, you can still ride with Chris! Come to beautiful Bend, OR and have your personal ride with the former pro and Grand Tour Winner. This is for anyone—racers and enthusiasts alike.

Daily, and multiday rates available.

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Photo Credit: Graham Watson