Wild Health Podcast #152: Playbook for The Aging Athlete with Dr Matt Slater


By Coach Matt Slater

As we head into the winter it is an excellent time to evaluate your training and introduce training new components such as weight training and functional movement work into our fitness routines.

Just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we still can’t improve our health and athletic performance. We just have to be more deliberate and there is less margin for error. I recently did a podcast with the folks at Wild Health entitled “Playbook for the aging athlete”. You can listen to it here:

Wild Health Podcast 152: Playbook for the Aging Athlete with Dr Matt Slater

In the podcast I discuss the changes in physiology that occur as we age including decreased maximal heart rate and changes in our body composition. More importantly, I present ways we can mitigate or even reverse some of these changes. I discuss the importance of highly polarized training program as well as the utility of weight training and functional strength. Again, these are important components of training for anyone but become even more important as we age.

Training consist of both stimulus and recovery. Although stimulus has gotten quite a bit of attention, especially with the introduction in power meters and on-line power-based workouts recovery sometimes overlooked. Recovery is critically important component for athletes of any but especially so for masters athletes. In the podcast I discuss tools to enhance recovery including sleep hygiene, proper nutrition, and other modalities.

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